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Consumer Goods - Top 5 Features for Digital Engineering  

Using 3D Scan Data for Product Development, Manufacturing and Production


Broadcast on: Thursday, October 29, 2020


In this episode, our experts bring you into the world of 3D scanning for the consumer goods manufacturing industry. This in-depth discussion dives into the latest industry trends and technologies used to develop and manufacture appliances, children's toys, electronics, entertainment, sports apparel, and more. You'll also hear case studies that depict real-world applications of these technologies, revealing how companies implement them to lead in their industry.


Watch this Webinar to Learn:

  • How to use ATOS 3D scanning technology to be proactive instead of reactive throughout the product development and manufacturing process 
  • Innovative 3D visualization using Augmented Reality and Image Mapping along with reverse engineering strategies for product development 
  • Intuitive 3D analysis of tooling and molds to reduce iterations, minimize costs and material, prevent potential future issues, and manufacture a good part
  • Digital assembly analysis to bring together data from different teams and locations to create a collaborative environment for process and product improvement
  • How Live Tracking and Back Projection are being used with ATOS for real-time positioning and instant visual feedback for modifications
  • Multi-part scanning and Trend/SPC Analysis to ensure constant feedback and to have a better understanding of the production process


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