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 Webinar - 3D Scanning for the Aerospace Industry— How Innovation Takes Flight



3D Scanning for the
Aerospace Industry -

How Innovation Takes Flight


Broadcast on: Thursday, January 7, 2021


In this episode, our experts launch into the world of 3D scanning for the aerospace and defense industry. Hear real examples of how the leading aerospace manufacturers apply advanced 3D scanning solutions to enable digital engineering strategies that elevate manufacturing processes for critical components. Discover how these innovations propel aircraft OEMs, suppliers, and operators into higher levels of quality and productivity while increasing safety and reliability in space, commercial and military sectors. 

Plus, see demonstrations of the technology that makes it faster and more efficient to inspect and analyze challenging parts such as IGT blades and sheet metal. Our experts also dive into GD&T demonstrations that incorporate PMI/MBD to enable software capabilities, highlighting several examples of how this technology propels productivity past the toughest challenges facing aerospace manufacturers today.


Watch this Webinar to Learn:

  • How to use 3D scanning technology to achieve efficient aerospace lifecycle management from design to MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul)
  • Why accurate 3D scan data is critical for digital twin strategies, additive manufacturing, and Quality 4.0 initiatives, and five features that support these innovations, including:

    • The benefits of MBD (Model-Based Definition) and PMI (Part Manufacturing Information) to create a single digital source for collaborative communication and automation strategies 

    • How digital surface defect mapping is used to analyze anomalies, defects, and rivets on aircraft skin to speed up corrective action and deliver immediate feedback for structural integrity

    • Advancements in software for 3D dimensional inspection of critical turbine engine airfoil components with challenging geometries for accurate analysis

    • How Smart Teach is further optimizing automation technology for auto-positioning to speed up and fine-tune the measurement and inspection process

    • The advantages of modernized Trend Analysis to monitor and predict potential future issues before they arise


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