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Accurate 3D Scanner

Meet ATOS Q - The Next Generation of Accurate & Portable 3D Scanners 

See the 3D scanner that everyone's talking about. 


Capture 3D, the US partner for GOM GmbH/Zeiss, hosted its largest digital event to-date to introduce the ATOS Q. More than 200+ registrants comprised of manufacturing and engineering professionals signed up to experience the 45-minute virtual event tailored to highlight how this next-generation blue light 3D scanner is used for inspection, quality control, R&D, and beyond.

Watch the replay of this live stream event now!  


Event Recap

 Accurate 3D Scanner

Find out why companies are calling ATOS their competitive advantage, and why they've dubbed the ATOS Q a breakthrough in quality, price, and performance for portable 3D scanners. Listen to engineering experts from industry-leading companies describe how they've leveraged ATOS to solve quality issues, improved their company's manufacturing processes, and moved their career to the next level.  Learn how ATOS enables companies to quickly solve problems and create better processes with better data.




Hear What Everyone is Saying Accurate 3D Scanner

The event kicked off with a reel depicting excitement and reactions to the ATOS Q from Capture 3D experts who work with the technology daily.


Unboxing and Set-Up

Next followed the official unboxing of the ATOS Q, detailing the contents of its compact, lightweight case and walking attendees through its simple setup while also showcasing its sleek, modern design that promotes optimal portability.  


Technology DemonstrationsAccurate 3D Scanner

Companies use ATOS for product development, quality control, manufacturing, and production. We demonstrated how the ATOS Q and GOM Inspect Suite Software can be configured to meet the diverse needs of applications from reverse engineering to quality control.  We explained how the different configurations support various applications by providing high-precision measurement results in small to medium-sized parts across diverse industries. Attendees also learned about its tech specs, details, and features that make processes faster, provide more accuracy, and collect higher quality data.


  • Industrial camera stand and tripod for easy movement on the shop-floor or on the go
  • Compact USB rotary stage fo semi-automation
  • Desktop stand for labs and office to measure small partsAccurate 3D Scanner
  • Full automation with a ScanBox 4105 or GOM ScanCobot 









InterviewsAccurate 3D Scanner

The next segment featured an interview with a long-time ATOS customer from a leading power generation company. "It sells itself. You cannot see this technology in action without being totally amazed. If you have any kind of background in manufacturing, whether you're a machinist, or deburr hand or whatever, you'll know that you're actually replicating the physical part, and it's the closest way to replicate it accurate enough for aerospace," he said.






 event atos q launch replay 6

Capture 3D's Engineering Manager Josh Old also joined the event to discuss how he's seen companies use ATOS systems for product development, quality control, manufacturing, and production throughout his career at Capture 3D.  He explained how his engineering team specializes in this technology and how they work alongside customers from the demo to installation, training, to support.







Q&A SessionAccurate 3D Scanner

Audience members engaged with live Capture 3D team members throughout the event, posing questions about accuracy, configurations, pricing, automation, and more. Some audience members who are current ATOS users shared in their excitement about the benefits ATOS provides and expressed how the ATOS Q will revolutionize their existing processes. The event ended with a live Q&A session that allowed audience members to interact with the host, Capture 3D's Marketing and Sales Operations Manager Catherine Kim, and veteran Capture 3D Sales Engineer Ron Gout. An influx of questions poured in for more than 15 minutes on topics ranging from the details of ATOS Q's features like interchangeable measuring lenses to inquiries about specific applications.



"It's really nice to see our customers, as well as new people from around the world, come to see the new ATOS Q at this event. In the manufacturing industry, people are still getting acclimated to virtual platforms, so they aren't quite sure what proper digital etiquette is. This event was more than what we had hoped. We could feel everyone's energy and could barely keep up with all the live comments. It was so much fun because of the interactive participation from everyone. I enjoyed sharing insight from our customers and from our team to connect the human experience with 3D technology," said Kim.


Watch the Replay!


Now is your chance to experience the ATOS Q, the latest innovation in blue light 3D scanning technology. Bringing in the next generation of metrology-grade accurate and portable 3D scanners, the ATOS Q provides high-precision measurement results with the unmatched quality you expect from an ATOS— and we want you to see it for yourself.

Don't miss out on seeing this ground-breaking technology and watch the replay today!






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