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The primary goal in obtaining an optical sensor was for speeding up our problem resolution time. This adequately did the job while other projects organically spawned off such as pre-DV (design validation) qualification, resulting in higher first time throughput of development testing and pre-PPAP (production parts approval process) qualification which serves as a great dimensional check and with that, the free automatic snapshot of the part at launch. After testing several metrology technologies we narrowed down our selection to two optical 3D scanners. We further benchmarked both systems and chose Capture 3D’s ATOS solution because of the accuracy, faster workflow process, higher data quality, and ease of use. The data quality from the other system was inferior and the paid-for interrogation analysis package simply didn’t stack up to the free version of GOM Inspect. ATOS has become our primary measurement tool and with it we have increased efficiencies by optimizing our dimensional analysis methods. The free GOM Inspect software has proven to be a valuable asset empowering each product group to perform thorough inspections and quickly solve problems at their workstations, thus freeing up our ATOS system to continually measure parts. We are currently in the process of institutionalizing GOM Inspect throughout the organization. The Capture 3D support team and the GOM online tutorials have been very helpful and we are able to quickly train new users.

Product Engineer

TRW Automotive

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