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We invited various scanning companies to benchmark their technologies. Based on the results we decided to move forward with Capture 3D. The ATOS system process had a smooth flow, was easy to use with accurate and repeatable results. When comparing an ATOS with a Laser Scanner mounted on a CMM, we have found the ATOS system to have far more repeatable results. We use the ATOS system primarily for first article inspection to aide our tool tuning process. Each tool iteration requires about $25K in expense. Using our CMM we would typically have 3-4 iterations, and now with the ATOS system we have just one. One project alone justified the cost of the ATOS. Through our experiences we have come to be more confident in our ATOS measurement then those from the CMM. As they say, "a picture is worth 1,000 words," and with the ATOS software we can instantly generate easy to read inspection color maps that allow us to quickly analyze our parts.

Sr. CMM Technician


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