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We use GOM Inspect in two departments in our enterprise – in development inspection and production. In development inspection, GOM Inspect is applied for drawing up initial sample inspection reports after tool production and tool modification. The results are used in our molding department to place subsequent production orders. Besides, with GOM Inspect, we can recognize deviations to molds or existing parts, which do not have a 3D model. In addition, we can produce measurement statistics, file measurement results and produce presentation documents. In our production, GOM Inspect is used to inspect single components for dimensional accuracy (mechanical parameter) through a fast surface comparison at the beginning of the running production.

We have decided to use the GOM Inspect software, as the ATOS Scanner and the related evaluation software ATOS Professional and GOM Inspect Professional facilitate a variety of measuring possibilities and evaluations that are not possible with traditional measurement methods at our plant.

GOM Inspect provides great benefits, including an optimization of workflows (construction of components and assemblies in 3D, construction of injection molds in 3D, measurement of parts based on this data). Likewise, we benefit from improved documentation facilities and an easy disclosure of measurement data. Both aspects provide a better basis for discussion and lead to an enhanced comprehensibility of measurement results. The possibility of subsequently and easily changing metrics and test sequences and continuing with further analyses is an additional advantage. For our company in particular, it is very helpful that changes in documentations following changes in test sequences are possible and easily manageable. This allows for a comparison of Autodesk Moldflow simulations with the finished parts. Additionally, the fast detection of rough deviations through optical illustration (surface comparison) results in huge time savings for us.

In summary, GOM Inspect Software highly supports discussions within different departments in our company (e. g. development inspection and production or injection molding).

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