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In our benchmarking process, we looked at various technologies, such as laser and white light scanners, we found that the ATOS was the only system that could achieve the accuracy and data quality we required. Our primary applications are inspection and reverse engineering of tooling. It takes us 2 hours to measure and inspect electrodes to parabola tools with ATOS. Previously with our CMM, it took 50 hours to measure each electrode, including setup and programming time. Instead of receiving a 20-30 page CMM report, we now receive instant inspection color plot results that are more easily understood and reduces the amount of time it takes to make required changes. Once the electrode is burned into the tool, it takes us ½ an hour to scan and inspect. With the CMM it took us 20 hours. We also use the ATOS system for reverse engineering of tools that are either broken, worn, and/or have no CAD data. Because of the accuracy of the scanner, we are able to mill directly from the scan data eliminating the need to create a CAD model. We are continuously impressed with the reliability of the ATOS system and since its acquisition in 2005 it has never failed us.

Production Manager

Chicago Mold

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